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Listed below were past enquiries that we received from our visitors:

Ref.No Date To Enquiry Our Answer
6274 07/02/2018 Research - Cocoa Upstream Technology Daripada : Jonathan Heng

Hello, I am contacting from the University of Surrey regarding the production of Cocoa. I would like to know a rough estimation on the annual amount of water used to produce cocoa.
Dear Mr. Jonathan Heng, Thanks for sending us your online enquiry. Here is the answer from our Agronomist for the above online enquiry: In Malaysia, there is no research has been carried out on this matter. We only use water in cocoa production for spraying of insecticide and herbicide purpose only and for nursery use while raising the seedlings. Therefore, we only have the data on these three activities. Water use to produce seedling in the nursery stage = 0.5L/seedling/day (polybag size 8" x 11") Water use to prepare insecticide spraying = 2,560L/ha/year Water use to prepare herbicide spraying = 4,000L/ha/year However, there is the report from Australia mentioned that based on their field trials, the annual irrigation requirement has been estimated to be up to 470mm, with peak weekly requirement of about 200L/tree (planting density - 1,250 trees/ha). With this amount of water, dry beans yield can be achieved between 1.5 and 2.7tonnes/ha. Reference : Diczbalis,Y., Lemin,C., Richards,N. and Wicks,C. 2010). Producing Cocoa in Northern Australia. Australian Government, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Report 09/092. Thank you. Regards Albert Ling On behlaf of Dr. Rozita Osman (Agronomist)

6272 07/02/2018 Research - Cocoa Downstream Technology Daripada : Low Karr-Nn

Dear Sir/Madam, Good day, I am currently developing a spread which would require a stone melanger to refine the spread. Hence, I would like to seek your kind advice if you would know where I could rent/ buy a stone melanger which is used for refining chocolate?
You may contact our officer Ms. Wan Aidah at for chocolate coucher renting. Thank you.

6271 01/02/2018 Administration Services - Careers Daripada : Phua

Currently any vacancy? I'm interest to join for this company for gain more knowledge
Untuk makluman cik, pihak Lembaga Koko Malaysia akan mengiklankan jawatan kosong dalam akhbar tempatan dan laman web LKM. Pihak cik bolehlah melayari laman web LKM bagi mengetahui kekosongan jawatan yang ada. Tetapi buat masa ini masih belum mempunyai kekosongan jawatan. Harap maklum.

6270 26/01/2018 Administration Services - Careers Daripada : nursharwani bt ilias

Assalamualaikum tuan/puan. Saya berminat untuk buat internship ( latihan praktikal) di syarikat tuan . Adakah ada tempat yang kosong untuk saya buat internship di situ pada 25 jun 2018- 17 aug 2018. Saya merupakan pelajar tahun 3, dalam ijazah sarjana muda sains biologi , pengkhususan dalam biologi tumbuhan ( botany) . Sekiranya ada kekosongan, saya akan hantar resume dan informasi selanjutnya kepada pihak tuan dengan kadar segera. Jika tidak keberatan , ,boleh sertakan emel yang akan digunakan untuk saya hantar maklumat resume ? Terima kasih .
Mohon pihak cik hubungi unit pembangunan modal insan di talian 088-234472 atau email terus kepada pegawai berkaitan Pn. Elilia Tundim, berhubung perkara ini.

6268 19/01/2018 Research - Transfer of Technology Daripada : Ryan Chung

Hi, I am wondeirng whether I can get a list of cocoa plantations around Malaysia including Peninsular, Sabah, & Sarawak for research purposes? Thanks!
Greetings! Do please contact Mr. Albert Ling Sheng Chang, Director of Technology Transfer and Extension regarding your enquiry at or you may contact him at 088-234472 (ext. 564). Thank you.

6266 14/01/2018 Courses Daripada : Lee guang hui

would like to know the itinerary for the courses below Basic Handmade Chocolate Course Date : 23-24 January 2018 (2 days) Venue : Kuantan, Pahang Fee : RM270/person thx
Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your email. Please be informed that the Basic Handmade Chocolate Course which is scheduled to be held on 23rd ~ 24th of January 2018 at Kuantan, Pahang has been cancelled due to technical issue; below minimal participation. The next Course at Kuantan, Pahang will be announced later via Lembaga Koko Malaysia official website or Unit Pembangunan Usahawan Coklat (UPUC LKM) official Facebook account. Thank you.

6264 04/01/2018 Courses Daripada : Rayhana Tong

Assalaamualaykum I would like to enquire if Lembaga Cocoa Malaysia have simple hands-on classes for children of various ages to learn about and make chocolate? Is there a cocoa farm we can visit? Children are within the ages of 7-12yo. Look forward to a favourable reply. Thank you.
Wa'laikumussalam... Please call our administration Pn Suhana to get more information. Call 06-799 9087(DL) @ (06-799 9001/4 GL) Thank you

6263 21/12/2017 Courses Daripada : Linda

I would like to know if you guys conduct any course .
For your information please call 06-7998610 about the course making chocolate. Tq.

6262 29/11/2017 Research - Cocoa Downstream Technology Daripada : Lim Kim Yeow

In the Malaysian Standard of Chocolate and Chocolate Products - Specification (MS 1715: 2010), it would be better if the coliform unit (page 6) is stated clearly either in MPN/g or cfu/g.
We take note of your comment. Thank you.

6261 26/11/2017 Market Development & Economy Daripada : ILYA SYAKIRAH MOHAMAD SIDIK

Assalamualaikum, I'm a student from UiTM. Currently i'm doing my research about commodities in Malaysia. May i know how much the price for cocoa's storage cost per kilogram/tonne?

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