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Listed below were past enquiries that we received from our visitors:

Ref.No Date To Enquiry Our Answer
1731 30/04/2009 Administration Services - Careers Daripada : aziana azlin bt abdul hamid

Aziana Azlin bt Abdul Hamid. Malaysian Cocoa Board. Dear Madam, I am very interested in any job position in your organization that would fit my educational qualification and experiences. After looking at the web site for considerable amount of time, I am confident there is suitable job position for me there. I would be very interested in talking to you about it. Currently, I am studying a Master of Science in food engineering and process at UPM, Serdang and I am in final semester. During my study I have learned how to run a project from the planning stage to its completion. Additionally, there are many key strengths which I can bring towards your organization achievement, this include: Being a self-starter Being disciplined Being very willing and eager to learn new things Being an excellent group member/ committee I also believe that my previous working experience and qualification is in perfect line with your current needs. I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my strengths can bring to your search. I can be reached at 012-3045742 and look forward to hear from you. Thank you for your time, consideration and response. Sincerely yours, (AZIANA AZLIN BT ABDUL HAMID)

1724 23/04/2009 Administration Services - Careers Daripada : Mostafa YOUSFI

Dear Mr. Director Malaysian Cocoa Board, 5th & 6th Floor, Wisma SEDCO, Locked Bag 211, 88999 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Please , I am very happy to write your honour . Please I am moroccan I have the licence in biology from a university in Maroc in 1991. I was born in 31-08-1966 in Oujda in Maroc . Please I would like to have employment in your projects in Malaysia or in other country please. Please could you do a commercial partnership with the Saudi Investment Bank which website is : in which you will employ me and in order to do the commerce of your products in Asiatic , in Arabic and in Africa regions please . Please could you open a branch of your company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in which you will employ me please . Languages : Arabic , English , French and Spanish. Please could you see my CV attached to this message please . Please , Sincerely yours , Mr. Mostafa YOUSFI RUE 151 N° 300 Afca KENITRA MAROC Mobile : 212-675314357 / 212-534420271 Email : Curriculum Vitae ( in English ) First Name : MOSTAFA Last Name : YOUSFI Date of Birth : 31-08-1966 City of Birth : Oujda ( Maroc ) Nationality : Moroccan Address : RUE 151 N°300 Afca KENITRA MAROC DIPLOMS : • LICENCE ES SCIENCES IN BIOLOGY : Bachelor degree ( 4 years of study in the faculty of sciences in Kénitra in Maroc , in date : 12-07-1991). • C.U.E.S : Certificat Universitaire d’Etudes Scientifiques in Biology-Geology ( 2 years of study in the faculty of sciences in Kénitra in Maroc , in date : 04-07-1989 ). • BACCALAUREAT in experimental sciences from the School : MOHAMED V in Kénitra in Maroc , in date : 26-05-1986. TRAINING : • in pharmaceutical control ( microbiology , sterility , physico-chemistry ) from 09 october 2002 to 31 december 2002 . Learning the scientific publications in internet . • in real estate agency to sell and to renting the houses and the lands . • Training in a supermarket ( 15 days ) SKILLS : • Watching the scientific and diverse programmes on television. • Visiting the important cities in my country Maroc . • Good relations with the commercial environment . • Ability to work in all projects . • Good coordination of the relationship . • Good sense of elaboration and implementing strategy business development . • Excellent communication skills . • Good organizational and follow up skills . • Strong power of analytical reasonning . • Effective problems solving skills . • Lecture of the magazines on diverse subjects . • Good knowledge in Informatics ( Internet , Word ) • Languages : Arabic , French , Spanish and English . Curriculum Vitae ( in french ) Nom : YOUSFI Prénom : MOSTAFA Date de naissance : 31-08-1966 Lieu de naissance : Oujda ( Maroc ) Nationalité : Marocaine Adresse : RUE 151 N°300 Afca KENITRA MAROC DIPLOMES : • LICENCE ES SCIENCES : BIOLOGIE VEGETALE ( 12-07-1991 ) Faculté des sciences de Kénitra - MAROC • Certificat Universitaire d’Etudes Scientifiques ( Biologie –Géologie , 04-07-1989 ) , Faculté des sciences de Kénitra , Maroc. • Baccalauréat en sciences expérimentales bilingues ( 26-05-1986) , Lycée MOHAMED V , Kénitra – Maroc. STAGES : • Stage sur les analyses des médicaments au Laboratoire National de Contrôle des Médicaments ( Ministère de la Santé , Rabat –Maroc ) . Durée de stage : trois mois de 09 octobre 2002 à 31 décembre 2002. • Lectures des articles scientifiques en français et en anglais . • Vente dans le domaine de l’immobilier . • Stage dans un supermarché ( 15 jours ) . QUALITES : • J’ai une force de proposition. • Homme de terrain , Dynamique . • Je suis doté de qualités relationnelles et de communication , j’ai le goût et la capacité du travail en équipe . Réactivité . • Langues : Arabe , Français , Anglais et Espagnol . • J’ai de bonnes connaissances en informatique : ( Word , Internet ). • J’ai de très bonnes aptitudes commerciales . • Esprit de management et de coordination .Sens des initiatives . • Lecture des histoires , revues et journaux sur divers thèmes . • Correspondance avec divers centres dans le monde par internet pour faire des demandes d’emploi. • Mon travail est très bien organisé : méthodique . • Bonne relation avec l’environnement , Goût du Contact , Ambitieux . • Bon suivi des dossiers . • Sens du service , d’initiation et de la création . • Idées de création de projets .Capacité de planification . • Capacité d’adaptation . • Esprit de la discipline . • Très bon niveau d’analyse et de synthèse . • Bonne culture générale . • Ayant le sens de décision et d’évolution . • Commercialement : Bon recouvrement et prospection et fidélisation des clients . • Sens d’écoute et de compréhension des besoins des clients . • Prêt pour travailler en équipe .

1688 21/03/2009 Research - Transfer of Technology Daripada : nuruljannah alias

i'm a student of uitm i studying in degree of plantation n technology management... act, i need your favour..i would like to know is there any by produts of cocoa that can be apply or used in plant growth...what i means here is the waste product of cocoa after processing..we know that in oil palm industry we have a POME n EFB that can be use a fertilizer how about cocoa?
In my opinion cocoa pod husk when dry or composted by mixing with other agricultural wastes can have the properties of organic fertilizer which can enhance the plant growth. As we know this cocoa pod husk contains high content of potassium My works in my Phd study try to make biofertilizer from cocoa pod husk mixed with PGR of Phosphate solubilizing bacteria. I am sure composting of cocoa pod husk using other decomposing bacteria or using centipedes or ulat kuang can have the properties of organic fertilizer. I will email you the article how the composting of cocoa pod husk is carried out. Sorry late reply as I am quite busy of my study...You may conatct me at

114 30/09/2005 Research - Transfer of Technology Daripada : MASRAWATI

Assalamualaikum, Saya berminat untuk menyertai kursus membuat handmade chocolate. Oleh kerana saya tinggal di Lembah Kelang, saya ingin mengikuti kursus di kawasan berhampiran. Setelah bercakap di telefon dengan Tn. Hj. Muhd Bakri bin Tukiman berkenaan ini, adakah perlu saya menulis surat lagi? Terima kasih.
Boleh juga tuan bertanya sekali lagi pada Haji Bakri tarikh kursus berkaitan dan Senantiasa melawati laman web kami bagi kurus yang akan diadakan pada laman web Jika kursus akan diadakan ia kaan memapar iklannya...TQ

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