Albert, L.and Kharmar, S. (2013). Development of a handheld interactive decision tool to facilitate the cocoa pod borer management . Malaysian International Cocoa Conference. 6 – 9 November 2013. Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


  The cocoa pod borer, Conopomorpha cramerella (Snell), CPB is a serious pest of cocoa in Malaysia. Damages caused by the CPB can result in significant yield loss. Beans infested are difficult to extract. Insecticide usage in controlling the CPB is widely used by the farmers in Malaysia. The effectiveness of pest control on CPB can only be conducted when the level of CPB damage on the beans is known. The level of CPB damage on the beans is a function of the pest population density. The best indicator to represent the pest population density is the eggs because it allows more timely treatment applications. However, monitoring program to notify the farmers the right time in spraying the CPB yet to be developed. The handheld interactive decision tool was developed to facilitate farmers in the CPB management. The development of the tool involved four important stages; (i) establishment the economic threshold level (ETL) for CPB eggs density, (ii) development of the sequential sampling plan for CPB eggs, (iii) develop computer software for CPB management using VB.net by incorporated stage 1 and 2, and (iv) evaluating the decision tool. The decision tool was tested in Cocoa Research and Development Centre Madai, Sabah. The benefit-cost analysis showed the chemical application based on the interactive decision tool was more profitable compared to calendar based spraying system.


  Albert, L.and Kharmar, S.




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