1. Main Incentives for Manufacturing Companies
  2. Incentives for High Technology Companies
  3. Incentives for Strategic Projects
  4. Incentives for Small and Medium Companies
  5. Incentives for the Machinery and Equipment Industry
  6. Incentives for Automotive Industry
  7. Incentives for the Utilisation of Oil Palm Biomass
  8. Additional Incentives for the Manufacturing Sector

    The Promotion of Investments Act 1986 states that the term "company" in relation to agriculture includes:

    • Agro-based cooperative societies and associations
    • Sole proprietorships and partnerships engaged in agriculture.

    Companies producing promoted products or engaged in promoted activities (See List of Promoted Activities and Products - General) the agricultural sector qualify for the following incentives:

  1. Main Incentives for the Agricultural Sector
  2. Additional Incentives for the Agricultural Sector