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Listed below were past enquiries that we received from our visitors:

Ref.No Date To Enquiry Our Answer
6573 21/07/2022 Research - Biotechnology Daripada : Zeniq Jarmin Anak Peter

My name is Zeniq Jarmin Anak Peter, and I am currently in my final year taking a Diploma of Industrial Chemistry in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak. The students must complete a 17-week industrial training attachment at a company as part of the program's requirements. I would like to apply for an industrial training attachment with your company beginning October 3, 2022 and ending January 22, 2023. Thank you for you time and I look forward to hearing from you.
Hi, Please email your CV, your University letter for Industrial Training to this address: elilia@koko.gov.my and cc to azhar@koko.gov.my. We will process your application the soonest we received it and subjected to available position.

6571 20/07/2022 Research - Cocoa Upstream Technology Daripada : ViratArya

Hi team. Could you please also give a quarterly breakup of your annual Grinding Figures regarding Malaysia?
Dear Sir. Thanks for the enquiry. However, please contact our Department of Market Economic Development, Mr. Francis Dungkit, Economic Affairs Officer through email at francisd@koko.gov.my or telephone at 088-234461 for further details. Thank you.

6570 17/07/2022 Research - Cocoa Upstream Technology Daripada : Najwa Razak

Assalamualaikum and greeting. I am student from bachelor of agribusiness at Uitm, I want to ask, what are the impact agriculture commodity toward cocoa?
Hi Najwa. Thanks for the question. However, we would like to know the specific impact that you mean on agriculture commodity towards cocoa? Is it the impact on the prices, etc..? Thanks again.

6560 08/06/2022 Research - Cocoa Upstream Technology Daripada : Lalita Ambigai

I would like to bring my undergraduate students for a visit to know how cocoa is processed using fermentation process.
Hi Lalita. Thank you for interest in cocoa. We are very happy to assist you in learning how cocoa is processed using fermentation process. Therefore, the best person you can contact with regarding on this matter is Dr. Rozita. She is our Center Manager at Cocoa Development and Research Center in Jengka, Pahang. Any question, visitation or further inquiries, you can contact her through email: orozita@koko.gov.my. Again, thank you and hope to hear more from you.

6545 26/04/2022 Research - Cocoa Downstream Technology Daripada : Jieying

may i know any test method for chocolate cocoa content?
We do not offer any test analysis on this issue at this moment and therefore we do not have any validated test method on it. Thank you.

6537 03/04/2022 Research - Biotechnology Daripada : LIONG LING LING

My name is Liong Ling Ling, and I'm third year student who is pursuing Bachelor of Chemical Engineering in Faculty of Chemical Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Perlis. As part of the program requirement, the students are required to undergo an industrial training attachment at industry for 10 weeks duration. Therefore, I would like to apply for a industrial training attachment in your organization on 01 August 2022 until 14 October 2022.
Hi, Please email your CV, your University letter for Industrial Training to this address: elilia@koko.gov.my and cc to azhar@koko.gov.my. We will process your application the soonest we received it and subjected to available position.

6515 25/01/2022 Webmaster Daripada : Bujiah Rohimin


6500 27/11/2021 Research - Biotechnology Daripada : Ching Xin Jie

Dear Mr./Ms., I'm a Biotechnology PhD graduate from Biotechnology Research Institute, UMS. I'm looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge from academic to industrial sector. So I'm wondering if there's any research vacancy open for application currently? Looking forward to hear from you soon, thank you.
Dear Dr. Ching Xin Jie, Thank you for your enquiry and interest. Currently we don't have any open position for our research division. For future update on vacancy, please visit our official website, www.koko.gov.my

6424 27/08/2021 Regulatory & Quality Control Daripada : Oswald Chai

Who do I contact if I want to obtain some cocoa beans from Sarawak to export overseas?
Dear Oswald. Terribly sorry for late reply. Pls do contact Mr.Kemeri via his email at kemeri@koko.gov.my. Thank you.

6416 28/06/2021 General Enquiry Daripada : David Chia

Dear Sir/Madam, We are a chocolate product process factory, may we know how we going to get the approval for operation during this FMCO? Thank you very much and looking forward for your reply soon.
Your company has to apply to CIMS system under MITI and will reply for your application. Malaysian Cocoa Board will look into application under cocoa sector.

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