To ensure an integrated and competitive growth of the cocoa industry through innovative research and development.


The world renown, reputable and leading institution for sustainable development of the cocoa industry.

  • To maximise the contribution of the cocoa industry to national income, employment opportunities and national economy
  • To increase cocoa beans production
  • To develop Malaysia as a processing and trading centre for cocoa and products
  • To strengthen and expand the market for Malaysian cocoa as well as to penetrate new ones
  • To enhance quality and competitiveness of Malaysian cocoa and cocoa products
  • To facilitate and provide infrastructure and support for the growth of the industry
  • To ensure the development of cocoa is in harmony with the environment
  • To conduct and promote research on production, processing, storage and consumption
  • To conduct and coordinate activities and policies on research
  • To improve quality
  • To coordinate market development and promotion activities
  • To collect and disseminate information
  • To regulate and coordinate the proper conduct in the production, processing, storage, regulatory and marketing of cocoa and cocoa products
Logo LKM
C : 45
M : 100
Y : 100
K : 15
C : 50
M : 0
Y : 100
K : 0
C : 100
M : 100
Y : 100
K : 100