Wed, 15 May 19
Baja Kompaun Compound fertilizer 25 Kg

Mango Fondant Chocolate
Wed, 29 Nov 17
Mango is one of the most popular fruit in Malaysia. It is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fibre and also contains some B group vitamins. The fruit can either be consumed fresh or processed into other products like pickles, jams or juices. To add to the list, mango can now be consumed as chocolate.

Cempedak Truffle Chocolate
Wed, 29 Nov 17
Cempedak is a tropical fruit with thick and gelatinous flesh which is delicious and rich in energy, calcium, vitamin C and fiber. It also tastes very good with chocolate. Besides giving a unique flavor and greater choice to the consumer, this chocolate has added nutritional value.

Tongkat Ali Plain Chocolate
Wed, 29 Nov 17
In Malaysia, the consumption of chocolate is still low even though there is an increament from year to year. In 1985, the consumption of chocolate was around 0.245 kg per personand this increased to 0.675 kg per person in 1992. The consumption of chocolate is always related to children. However, the consumption among adults are low. This could be due to the misconception of chocolate itself. Chocolate is always associated with obesity, tooth decay, hyperactive, pimples and other negative effects.

Instant Cocoa - Tongkat Ali Beverages
Wed, 29 Nov 17
Herbs and spices are used by Malaysian as well as other people in the world for cooking and health care. Local herbs and spices can also be utilised as ingredients in cocoa based beverages manufacturing. The processing technology is described below.

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