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Ministry of Plantation and Commodities


  • Cocoa Cultivation: Advising farmers on cocoa plants & equipment, cocoa seedling nursery, protection & planting systems, planting site preparation, fertilizers, weed control, pruning, rehabilitation, pest management, cocoa disease management, insecticide spraying, vertebrate animal management, harvesting and breaking pods, quality control of cocoa beans, marketing and also as a reference on the total cost and profit in cocoa cultivation
    Body Cleansing Product Development: Findings
    (1) antibacterial cocoa hand soap
    (2) Antibacterial bath soap cocoa
    (3) Antibacteria body scrub
    (4) Antibacteria body cream
    "Anti-Cancer" Research: Researching "cocoa tissue" to be used as a cure for cancer
    Food Biotechnology : Produces high quality cocoa and further prevents the safety of cocoa products

  • Incentives: Garden cleaning, 1000 cocoa seedlings for one hectare- (provided by LKM and nursery entrepreneurs), fertilizers, insecticides, banana trees as protection, tools (pruning, harvesting), courses and others

  • Incentives: Courses, molds, "scrapers", "aprons" and invitations to exhibitions/chocolate sales

  • Chocolate "Prebiotics" : High nutrition, does not contain sugar (suitable for diabetic patients) and works in bowel cleansing
  • "Anti-Oxid" Chocolate: Tastes like "dark chocolate". "Anti-Aging", reduces cholesterol, balances glucose content in the body, prevents toxins in the liver and also acts as the body's defense mechanism (antibodies)
  • Chocolate "Praline" - Chocolate "praline": Prepared from couverture block chocolate, prebiotic block, antioxidant block and milk compound block

Cocoa Technology Basic Course : ( 3 days 2 nights) – Free
Advanced Cocoa Plant Technology Course : ( 3 days 2 nights) – Free
Handmade Chocolate Introduction Course : ( 1 day) – Free
Handmade Chocolate Entrepreneur Development Basic Course : ( 2 days) – RM250
Advanced Chocolate Course: (4 days) – RM1900 (Discounted price for entrepreneurs under the supervision of the Malaysian Cocoa Board)

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